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  1. Italian avant-garde record label, founded in and still run by Stefano Giust. From record sleeves: "A label of indipendent musicians dedicated to research in experimental and improvised music".
  2. May 08,  · Todd Carmichael, CEO and founder of Philadelphia, PA-based La Colombe, one of the world’s premier coffee roaster and boutique cafes, talks with us about how he first discovered his love for coffee, the methods behind the making of his brand, and what the future of coffee entails. Tell us about your background; how did you become involved and infatuated with the world of coffee?
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  4. La Colombe Torrefaction (LCT) is a global enterprise with coffee houses, wholesale and direct coffee sales, merchandising and diverse philanthropic projects. When owner Todd Carmichael and his business partner, JP Iberti, decided it was time to sell an equity stake in LCT, they turned to .
  5. Il Coppale. aprecieri. Il Ristorante Il Coppale-Prima Spiaggia, affacciato sul lago di Monate, ti offre piatti di alta cucina, realizzati con.
  6. Madame P was the name used by Patrizia Oliva at the beginning of her activity as a solist (). She is an Italian singer, musician, autor and improviser, involved in experimental music that crosses electronics, electro-acoustic, free jazz and performing arts.
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  9. Our founders Todd Carmichael and J.P. Iberti built La Colombe on a simple but ambitious mission: to make the world better through coffee. What started out as a vision for serving the best coffee to the country, became an opportunity to influence meaningful change around the world. This is how we plan to make a difference.

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