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  1. A split-second burst of energy that erupted in deep space is giving astronomers important new clues about a mysterious class of astrophysical phenomena.
  2. Jan 10,  · Among the 13 fast radio bursts, known as FRBs, was a very unusual repeating signal, coming from the same source about billion light years away. Twenty new mysterious radio signals from deep space have been detected by Australian researchers. They're know as 'fast radio bursts' and the Australian scientists have found some of the closest.
  3. Aug 30,  · Russian researchers' detection of a signal from the vicinity of the sun-like star HD has prompted plenty of speculation, although the possibility that it was sent from intelligent life is slim.
  4. Jan 09,  · Scientists detect a repeating signal from deep space, but its origin is a mystery The source of these super distant signals, from some billion light years away, is still largely a mystery. So when that ultra-dense object changes or ruptures, an extraordinary amount of energy might be unleashed into glycufafutolalnaijouparseoholdweb.coinfo: Mark Kaufman.
  5. The weird, repeating signals from deep space just tripled. Fast radio bursts are getting more attention from scientists, who can now detect more of them.
  6. Jul 18,  · NASA‘s Goddard Space Flight Center does, in the form of the Van Allen probes. This pair of robotic spacecraft have been in orbit of Earth for .
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  8. Repeating radio signals from a mysterious source in a dwarf galaxy 3 billion light-years away have been detected by astronomers. Using the Green Bank Telescope in .
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