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  1. Rag Marwa is considered to be the most fundamental rag in Marwa That. It is an evening rag that is quite popular. This rag is unusual in that the tonic is not harmonically well defined; there is no pancham (5th) and the madhyam is tivra rather than shuddha (i.e., there is no natural 4th). It is this harmonic imbalance that gives marwa its peculiar character.
  2. Pandit Shailesh Bhagwat. One of the most well known disciples of Late Bharat-Ratna Ustad Bismillah Khan Saheb, Pandit SHAILESH BHAGWAT"s rendering of Shehnai is marked with an emotional presentation - which has a systematic blending and an improvisation of Raga in the "Gayaki-Ang".
  3. INDIA ARCHIVE MUSIC: IAMCD Ulhas Kashalkar Live In Concert "Tribute To Vilayat Khan" / Ragas: Shankara, Sanjh Saravali & Thumri In Bhairavi / Tabla: Suresh Talwalkar & Hrishiskesh Gangurde / Harmonium: Purushottam Walawalkar & Aravind Thaate [71 Mins.] (DAD).
  4. Home à Music Center à Ragamala à Index of Ragas. Raga Name: Marwa That Name: Marwa Aroha: ‘N r G M D N D S’. Avaroha: N r’ N D M D M G r ‘N ‘D S. Jati: Sadava – Sadava. Vadi: r. Samvadi: D. Swarupa: D M G r ‘N ‘D S. Prahar: 5 th Prahar (3 PM to 6 PM). Raga Information: Raga Marwa is famous amongst classical musicians, as it is one of the most peculiar ragas in Indian music.
  5. Shubhendra Rao, Akram Khan - Raga Marwa ‎ (CD, Album) India Archive Music: IAM CD US: Sell This Version: IAM CD SP Shujaat Khan*, Ramesh Mishra, Samir Chatterjee: Shujaat Khan*, Ramesh Mishra, Samir Chatterjee - Waiting For Love ‎ (CD.
  6. Sep 15,  · Vasantrao presents a Raga which, according to Bhimsen Joshi, died in Maharashtra on 30 July Accompaniment: Tabla - Mukund Kane Harmonium - Govindrao Patwardhan.
  7. Raag Description: This Raag is said to be adapted into Hindustani music from Carnatic music. This Raag is used in instrumental music very often. This Raag is very playful in nature so it is used in Thumri style compositions and also in movie music.
  8. Feb 05,  · Shubhendra Rao is a disciple of Ravi Shankar. Shubhendra says, 'The insight he has given me into this music the spiritual feeling to approach it with raga clarity and strict adherence to the raga without taking any liberties with the raga the different moods of different ragas everything I have absorbed from him.' Shubhendra plays raga Marwa.

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